Perlicks on the keggeratorOn Draft

Left Tap – Blended 2016 and 2017 RIS
Right Tap – Table Saison BE-134
Picnic – Selter

Imperial Stout – Recipe
Rye Saison w/ Brett dregsRecipe
Cyser #2Recipe
Over Maple – Maple Brown Ale
Hollis Pear ciderRecipe
Pepperliner weisse #2 – Recipe
Pepperliner weisse #3 w/ black raspberries
Petite Bourgeoisie Saison on Strawberries and rhubarb – Recipe

Beers On the Horizon
Hoppy Brown Beer – inspired by Janets Brown
Berliner Weisse w/ brett C.
Chevre Fermier Saison  – Recipe
Maïs Agriculteur Saison – Same as Chevre Fermier swapping corn for buckwheat
Thai SunBurn – Coconut, lemon grass IPA
Tang Gose – Gose with citrus
Hoppy Wheat #4

Favorite Recipes*