Homebrewing sites I reference. There are a lot of resources out there, some more reliable than others.

Other Links – Other places I spend time, write things, or visit frequently. – the BottleFarm on twitter. I follow and share my craft beer & home brewing thoughts, questions and interesting links.
The BottleFarm – Where I share all my recipes, easy beer.xml downloads to other beersmith users.
The BottleFarm on untappd – where I rate my beers. I encourage you to do so as well, if I share them with you.
Brew Free or Die – The local homebrew club, it is New Hampshire’s first, and most active, homebrew club. BFD was started in January of 1991.

Online Brewing resources

Places I go to research a recipe, or get a better understanding of a aspect of brewing.

AHA – American Homebrewers Association. They are the largest homebrewing organization in the states. Put in NHC, the largest homebrew competition, as well as GABF, and support all aspects of homebrewing. A good organization for anyone who considers themselves a home brewer.
The Brewing Network – The podcasts are an amazing resource for home brewers, specifically the sour hour, Brew strong, and Can you Brew it. The user forum and the Sunday session is a bit more of a wild west. With less brewing info, and more drinking info.
Basic Brewing Radio – Brewing podcast with plenty of dad jokes, and solid if a bit folksy brewing approach. Solid, reliable and consistent.
Homebrew Talk– The definitive forum for home brewing. It’s a good reference, but it’s hard to decern myth and fiction from fact. – Beersmith, the software I use to log and design recipes, log brew days, and many brewing tools. There are a lot of individual free tools out there that can accomplish the multitude of tasks I use beersmith for. It’s still being updated and expanded, and it’s cross platform.
Reddit/r/hombrewing – Homebrewing forurm with a geek twist. Interesting to read, but a serious echo chamber.
Beer and Wine Journal – Chris Colby former editor of BYO along with James Spencer’s beer and brewing blog.
Chop and Brew– Chip Walton’s homebrewing, food, and more video casts. Featuring many professional brewers and authors, and popular hombrewers.
Brew United – A newer brewing resource. A more modern and moderate crowd than some of the other resources.

Brewing Blogs

These are some of the more interesting brewing blogs.
Brau Kaiser – The closest home brewer to my house, and an extremely technical minded brewer at that. He’s presented on Basic Brewing radio, and the Australian National Homebrewing Conference. This is a great resource.
The Mad Fermentationist – Michael Tonsmeire is always got something brewing, be it funky or fresh. His detail oriented analytical approach is great.
Meek Brewing – Canadian home brewer, with a shortage of craft beer, who makes up for it by brewing a lot of beer, and sharing a lot of recipes.
Bear Flavored – Entertaining and very detail oriented home brewing blog. Topics include culturing the Alchemist’s Conan strain, new hop varieties, and hoppy ales.
Brew-Dudes – A little less technical, less recipe heavy, but brew some interesting a single malt, single hop concept beers, as well as hop profiles.
Ales of the Riverwards – Ed’s a knowledgeable homebrewer who makes hoppy, funky, and farmhouse style beers. I’ve made a handful of his recipes.
Lewy Brewing – Chris is a knowledgeable west coast brewer, and blogger.
Embrace the Funk – Blog about wild, sour, and otherwise funky beers. Good place to get educated on the non traditional beers out there. – Marshall and crew identify a test, and perform a good sensory evaluation of a brewing theory, method, or old wives tale.

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