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DIY reculating keggerator line cleaner

This is a simple project, the idea is to connect the beer lines to a small pump and themselves in such a fashion to recirculate beer line cleaner. After a short while you have clean beer lines. It’s also cheap to assemble, I’ve got less than $10 invested in this, but if you had to buy a pump, I would recommend a utility pump. It would add a bit more to the cost, but a utility pump is useful to have.

Project update Q1 2013

Balancing brewing time, brewing project time, and life is a fine balance, so you are likely hearing about projects that should have been long since completed, but might be stalled. I’ll try to avoid duplicating updates, if it’s not updated, it means it’s how it was left when I last updated.

Product Review: The original Carboy Cleaner

I’m reviewing ‘the Original Carboy Cleaner’ and ‘the Original Keg Cleaner’ as I own both. They have made cleaning up after my brew days easier. Please note no one has paid me to say this or given me the product for review*. I did not however purchase them, as I received them from a family member as a gift.
The product is as easy to use as indicated in the tacky video on their website.