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Book Review: Beer is Proof God Loves US. Charles W. Bamforth

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Brewing isn’t all boiling and fermenting, and cleaning. You can buy a kit at the store, but to get a real understanding of brewing, styles, and history, you have to read and research.The title is pretty much over the top; and so are many Dr. Bamforth’s stories. This isn’t a book about brewing, despite Dr Bamforth’s decades of experience and knowledge, it’s more the tale of a life long participant in the brewing industry, from both the in and outside perspective.
Don’t read this if you are looking for historic tales about the greatness of beer. Do get this if you a much greater understanding of the industry giants. I’m far from a AB-Imbev fan boy, but I have come to  understanding how those large scale operations work, and understanding that making a consistent mildly flavored lager is much more difficult that it appears. I’m not sure I’d buy the book, but I’d certainly borrow it from your library.

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