Projects and Thoughts

Did it. Arcade marque lightbox.

It only took me a year, and its still not done. The plans are in the prior post, they required minor adjustments, my marque was a different size. It was good to learn how to make changes to a plan. I am happy with the progress and the lessons learned. Some are too dumb to share. Using basic skills, and getting acquainted with some new to me tools. Its stuff I’d learn in a basic shop class, if my high-school hadn’t been binary college prep or tech ed. But I digress.

Mocked up
Attached and assembled.

I’ve still a few steps to complete. Prep and painting. Spray the inside white, and the exterior black. Install trim molding, and led lighting. I can’t wait to add this to my home office as an accent piece.


Only a few more steps.

And its done. Hung in the office with glee.

Its not perfect, but I am happy with it. Good way to get warmed up with wood working. I am not much for practice. I need to start planning the next few projects. They will take longer and require more skills and tools, but I am getting ready to tackle them.

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