Been a few months of continuous conscientious (funny typo) eating, trying to eat the right quantities and quality foods.

Bowl of black, blue, straw and rasp berries. Followed by a low added sugar yogurt.
Bowl of raw ‘baby vegetables – peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, raddish, snow peas, (celery already ate)

I’ve always had the wrong relationship with food. It’s a reward, solace, comfort, mindless eating is a fol. Trying to establish a healthy relationship after 45 years is hard. I am doing the best I can.

I don’t want good or bad foods, it’s about the right foods and meals for the moment. Pizza is fine, chocolate or cookies or ice cream are good too. It’s the timing, portions, frequency that matter. To quote a wise man, cookies are a sometimes food.

Weight vs date

You don’t get a chart like this for someone who has a consistent diet, consistent eating habits or practices mindful eating. You can see I’m doing great now, but I hope to not be back at the top of a roller coaster in 6 months, in a year.

When I spoke to a professional I got feedback I was focusing too much on weight, and I can certainly see that. The challenge I have is when I take my eyes off strict eating, and try to just eat, I easily go back to my old habits, and old portions.

So what am I trying now? I’m trying to both eat much more vegetables, and cook far less food. If there are less leftovers of calorie dense foods. I am less compelled to eat to avoid waste. In cooking I’m trying to cook extra vegetables, those are great snacks, lunches or fillers if I’m not feeling satisfied, but have already had a sufficient portion of rice or protein. I’m also working on smart substitution, like the yogurt above, it’s 2%, low added sugar, full flavor no fake sugar yogurt. It tastes great, but isn’t 250 calories. I found great cilantro lime creama which tastes good but isn’t 170 calories per serving.

That said I’m close to my goal, and plateauing a bit. I need to remain focused on that goal, and continuing to do what’s needed to lose these last 4-5 lbs. Wish me luck.