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I’ve achieved some big goals the past few years and I would have never gotten there w/out persistence. The biggest long term goal I accomplished was Boston. I remember thinking it wasn’t possible. I got there by setting achievable targets in marathon training blocks, and iterating. 2014 – DNS, 2016 4:43 (officially DNF), 2017 3:36, 2018 3:26, 2019 3:21 & 3:19, 2021 3:17, 2022 3:14. I am overjoyed with where I am, the progress I’ve made running, and how much more is possible. I get pangs of regret not putting the effort in sooner. That regret is something I need to box up, put aside. Don’t regret, channel your energy into constructive activities. I try to do this with the kids, remind them that they are where they are, they can’t always change that, but they can change trajectory. Your life is a rocket ship, and it’s got mass and momentum, you control a number of the inputs. This applies to school, work, running, health, and mind. You chose the inputs of the current moment, it’s the accumulation of those moments of choices that accomplish goals.

I’m listening to a book, the Champion’s Mind, which I am often second guessing, but there is quite a bit to approaching life with a goals mindset, and positive attitude. There are a number of examples in Endure where the mind and perception affect results. Just looking at finishing times for example, the grouping just before round numbers is a fine example. Then you see my PR’s, which makes me shake my head. I’m either leaving it all out there, or I’m oblivious to the chip time, because all of them are less than 3 seconds per mile away from being less than that big round number.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say with this example, other than, set goals, implement plans to achieve them, then monitor them, and iterate. Keep those goals in mind during execution.
This is rare, but at 45, and a late onset runner, three of these PR’s have been completed in the past Year. I ran a pr 10k on the 4th of july, placed 3rd in my age group just last week. So don’t give up on improvement or changes later in life. Sure there is an apex in ability, and I’m aware I am beyond my youth and physical peak performance potential, but it doesn’t mean I can’t still get better from where I currently am.

I’m currently working on one A running goal, one A health / fitness goal, and formulating a nubmer of life goals. Always be aware of your big picture, keep striving.

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