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Homebrew review – New English Mild

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This is a review of my attempt to brew a traditional english mild based upon the brewing classic styles recipe. I’ve been all about session beers lately. It’s nice to be able to enjoy a pint, or two and not feel it in the morning. I feel like too many of the homebrewing recipes I come across start at 1065, and only go up from there. This beer started where many a homebrew stopped, 1.030, and finished out at 1.010, weighing in at a whopping 2.5% abv. It started a few points lower than I had intended, but despite it’s small nature it still has a good flavor and body. My better ¬†half even considers it one of the better beers i’ve brewed.

It’s pouring a little too cold and has too much carbonation to match the style, so I pour a pint and wait a bit for it to warm up, and then swirl out some c02. Then it tastes and feels closer to right. The beer has a nice flavor, it’s well balanced. It hasd a little bit of roast, a touch of sweetness, and a smooth finish. One noticeable defect is the lack of head retention. Now that I think about it is a product of the minimal hop additions, and minimal other foam positive additions to the beer. In future batches I’ll see about fixing that issue.

So changes for the next batch:

Hit 1.036.

Include a 1/4lb of carapills for an improved head retention.

Adjust color to be slightly lighter, less carafa.

Keep my mash temps up to decrease wort fermentability, and increase body.


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