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Measuring volume: charts.

Made a few volume charts so I can easily calculate volume from a ruler measurement. I use a stainless ruler I picked up at amazon.

Something like this 18 inch stainless etched ruler.

IMG 3783


I made a chart for both of my brew pots. I should maybe make one for my 5g pot too, but It already has some graduated marks for each gallon.

Until I get around to etching my pots, these will have to do. I printed them, laminated them, and tapped them to the back of my brewing clipboard.

Image  1Image

Why you ask? Well, volume is extremely important to when brewing, and I found myself tying to guess on the fly what my volume was for each batch, this makes it easier.

10/16/14 UPDATE: I consolidated the charts into one, and added the mash tun’s to the mix. I had to change the orientation to simplify the equation, but printed full page will make it easier to reference on brew day.

image (2)


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