Poll: How long does your beer last?

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How long does a batch of your beer last?

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5 thoughts on “Poll: How long does your beer last?”

  1. Ry says:

    This is for my IPAs/Pales/DIPAs. My other beers that I brew less frequently (such as sours, porters, stouts, saisons, etc) all last much longer. My schedule has me brewing a hoppy mid range ABV beer every 3 weeks.

    1. It’s a hard question to ask/ answer, but I vary my turn around by style too. In general I try to turn over pales and session beers w/in 2 months, and everything else under 4 months. However I go through spells where I don’t consume as much and get behind. However I’ll have three fresh kegs less than one month as of tonight. I am fixing this by shrinking my batch size. :) #homebrewerproblems

  2. Subrew says:

    Most of my normal beers last a few months. I occasionally do something big and age it, and let it condition for 12+ months. My latest English Bitter likely won’t last a month.

    1. How quickly did lord dark mild turn over? I have two growlers left, but they earmarked for friends. That might be the fastest batch turn over for me in a while, 4g’s in about 2 months.

  3. I usually brew small batches but I’d say most of my beers end up hanging around for several months after packaging. I brewed a lot of stuff this year I intentionally wanted to age but there were a few beers like an American wheat that I brewed that I have no idea why I haven’t killed off the last few bottles in the fridge. I prefer to get my beers in the bottle fairly quickly but once they are there I tend not to be a quick drinker.

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