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Stir plate in action.

yeast starter

Only a year after starting the project am finally using my stir plate for its intended purpose. I think I need to get lighter magnets to allow the fan to spun faster under load, that also might help with stir bar balance.

6 thoughts on “Stir plate in action.”

  1. bkyeast says:

    You should try growing yeast at around 85-90˚F if you get the chance. Speeds up the process about two-threefold vs room temperature in my experience.

    1. m750 says:

      I have a question, I have two glass flasks, I’m wondering if it’s safe for me to make a starter/build up dregs in the same flask I use for yeast starters. I typically heat the flask on the stove, so it gets fairly hot, but I’m just not sure about the practise. The flasks are nice because you can see exactly how much water, etc is in there. Thoughts?

    2. bkyeast says:

      Heat kills all, so don’t worry. I’d recommend boiling some water in the flask, cover with foil, let sit for a day and boil again. That way you’ll kill 99.9%-100% of mold/bacterial spores that may have gotten into it. If it’s Brett you’re worried about, heat kills it just as easily as regular yeast and there is nowhere for it to hide in smooth glass surface.

    3. Aaron Ouellette says:

      Thanks. The other thing that has gotten me thinking, is that I’m treating this as if it’s a yeast starter, but since I’m trying to build up bugs, I’m sure there are different methods I should be applying (temp, duration, etc). I’m assuming there are different growth rates for brett. I guess I need to listen to the crooked stave brewing network podcast again.

  2. m750 says:

    I was oddly enough thinking about starter temperature just this evening. I don’t have a dedicated incubator, so as you can see it’s sitting stove top. I’ll have to give it a shot next time I can control the temperature more. I was contemplating doing the next starter in the basement, but at 55 it would be too cool.

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