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HomeBrewing roundtable part 3

This is the final post in the first round of the Homebrewers round table. In Part I I introduced you to the home brewers and shared how they got started. In part II they shared the gear they started with and some for advice for new brewers. In this final round of Q&A I’ve asked about their biggest mistake, what took them a while to figure out, and for a good starting recipe.

HomeBrewing roundtable part 2: Getting down to brewing

This is part two of the homebrewing roundtable covering a series of beginning brewing topics designed to help would be brewers break the ice, and get brewing. It’s a chance to hear some advice from folks with experience, and nothing at stake in the gear you purchase, or the method you chose to brew. I’ve asked home brewers of all experience levels across north america if they had advice for those that want to start brewing but hasn’t. I also asked about what their first brewing setup was, and if they have any of it still. The idea is to give a potential brewer enough advice to be able to take the plunge. As well as provide some info on gear/setups that might be worth buying once right.

HomeBrewing roundtable part 1: Getting to know the brewers

This series of posts will be different than all the others posted so far. This is a roundtable of homebrewers. I’ve asked them some questions about how they got started, and to provide some recommendations on getting started, and about some mistakes the’ve made along the way. They are from all experience levels, both coasts, and even from our neighbor up north. One thing we all have in common is we are all homebrewers, and we all had to start somewhere. This series of questions is designed to help would be brewers break the ice, and get brewing. It’s good to hear how we got started, the gear, recipes, tips, and of course the mistakes we have made. I plan be doing these as an on going series of conversations about topics useful to have a breadth of perspectives on. I’ll start part 1 of the Q&A with an introduction to the participants and how they got started brewing.