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What’s in the brew day toolbox?

Toolbox with Homebrewing StickersThe stickered tool box you see above is never far from my side on brew days, it has my tools, water salts, and supplies for brew days and beyond. Most homebrewers w/out a dedicated home brewery would benefit from one. It saves me so many trips to the basement, as well as time saved hunting for often misplaced items. Having a home for stuff helps me be efficient on brew days. I apologize ahead of time if this post seems like a giant amazon link***. I encourage you to buy local if you can, but these links help me keep the lights on. So, whats in the box. (Insert Brad Pitt SE7EN GIF)

My box is a 20 inch Workforce toolbox, the exact box is no longer available, but this is similar Stanley 22 inch toolbox.
The top compartments are great for small items. Easy access to things normally lost at the bottom of the box, Stir bars, hose clamps, carboy stoppers, sharpies, sink to hose adapter, neodymium magnet. On the other side, I have water additions, Lactic acid and 1 cc dropper, Gypsum, pectic enzyme, irish moss, campden tablets, and ph strips. I wish it was a little deeper, for standard sized water salts. It would also be nice to fit my hop scale. On the flip side (literally), when the top is fully loaded, is top heavy, making it less stable. Opening the lid reveals a removable tool tray. On the tray I store a screw driver, spare thermometer, spare hydrometer, refractometer (and adjustment screw driver), and my favorite stainless Ruler which is no longer available, but is great for measuring volumes.

In the large bottom compartment are my BIAB Bag and hop bags. Also in the bottom are hoses, painters tape, chefmate thermometer and alarm, hydrometer in it’s test jar, and my hop gram scale for hops and water additions.

Things I should have in there: PH meter. I am currently making mash adjustments, by PH strips, which are known  to be inaccurate.  Spare ball valve hardware. Assorted wrenches, a crescent wrench, keg post wrench, MFL adapter wrench.

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  1. That is a great idea. I need to build one myself.

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