What’s the oldest homebrew you have saved?

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As I sit having a bottle of my first batch from early 2011, I’m wondering how old is your oldest homebrew you have on hand? I’ve got another bottle of the first batch, and two of my second batch 3/11. After that I don’t have another bottle saved from before 12/12. Since I started kegging, the beers I do bottle are for specific purposes, and end up consumed. Just reciently did I start putting up a few bottles of bigger beverages for longer term storage. So, how old is the oldest bottle of your homebrew do you have in your cellar?

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2 thoughts on “What’s the oldest homebrew you have saved?”

  1. Anthony says:

    I’ve got several bottles of a spiced Belgian Christmas ale that is from 1998 as well as several bottles of Barleywine from that same year.
    I also have a full corney keg of mead which i don’t like very much but i can’t face throwing it away. It’d be fun to distill it.

    1. I’ve dumped two batches so far, one was clearly bad, the other was just not good enough. Both were disappointments to dump, mostly because of the time invested in making them. When was the last time you sampled the mead? Is there an off flavor, or just not a good batch?

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